About us

Jiangsu Beite Fittings Co., Ltd is a rotating compensator, sleeve compensator, spherical compensator produced the largest amount of professional manufacturers, but also bellows expansion joint, damper, insulation bracket, rolling bracket, spring hanger, metal hose production suppliers. Located in the center of industry of private economy in Jiangsu city of Jiangyan, is a collection of scientific research, production in one of the new enterprise, specializing in the design and production of "Shun" brand series of patent products - maintenance free rotating rotating compensator without thrust compensator, rotating compensator (precision), embedded type maintenance free rotating compensator, self sealing rotary eight high temperature high pressure rotary compensator, compensator series rotary compensator. In addition or production of sleeve compensator thirteen series, six series of spherical compensator, one-way hinge type ripple compensator, compensator, straight pipe bypass wys, metal bellows expansion joint, flexible, non metal corrugated metal hose, air door, crane tube, heat exchanger, hanger, rolling support factory. The company has all kinds of top production, processing and testing equipment in china. Company existing staff 288, all kinds of professional and technical personnel 108 people. The company covers an area of 50000 square meters, office area of 4800 square meters, is divided into four parts: one is the factory production plant rotating sleeve compensator, compensator, spherical compensator production plant; Plant No. two for corrugated compensator, door production plant; Plant No. three for forging and heat treatment plant; Plant No. four for hanger production plant.

Our company is a national high-tech business center of Taizhou city best fitting technology research Co. Ltd as the carrier, relying on the Tsinghua University Department of engineering mechanics, Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute Co, Tianjin Electric Power Research Institute, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Yangzhou University, China urban heating Association, Chinese Institute of electrical engineering of thermoelectric and many other universities and research institutions to support and successfully developed a patented product series - rotary compensator the advanced, reliability, superiority and practicability by the users and experts recognized. Maintenance free rotating compensator without thrust by the group of experts identified Jiangsu Province Economic and Trade Commission of similar products in the domestic leading level, first to obtain a pressure piping components manufacturing license ", was identified as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu province key new products, has 32 national patents, representing the highest level of spark technology plan project, the national Torch Program projects undertaken by our company exclusive.

Our company has developed BTF, BTG, BTH, BTI - fourth generation to the seventh generation of BT series of high temperature and high pressure rotary compensator, the user can choose their own rotating compensator according to their own demands, they have the advantages of safety and economy, high pressure, high temperature, large amount of compensation, is the best high temperature pipeline the choice of high pressure. At present, many key projects and large and medium-sized projects have been undertaken in 11th Five-Year. The maximum pressure is 30Mpa, the maximum temperature is 650 degrees, and the maximum diameter is 4500mm.

Our company developed a series of sleeve compensator, now introduced more than ten kinds of series sleeve compensator is mature technology, has a number of patents, has been widely used in various pipeline construction. Its advancement has been widely recognized by users.

We developed a series of advanced technology of spherical compensator is currently the most advanced technology of insurance products, due to the unique advanced technology of our company makes the application of spherical compensator has expanded to withstand high temperature performance improved, prolonging the service life of the product, has been widely used in many users reflect the good.

Our independent research and development of rolling support to solve the heating, stuck and refueling problems, reducing the friction coefficient of the pipeline, so that the cost of pipeline construction substantially reduced by 15%.

My company's exclusive research and development of heat insulation stent applied to a variety of pipelines, so that heat loss decreased by 25%, the user's benefits have been greatly improved. The energy saving effect is very obvious.

I use the most advanced international standards for the design, production of various specifications, models of metal (non-metallic) compensator, metal hose, and a variety of stents. Widely used in electronics, electric power, nuclear power, petrochemical, metallurgy, aerospace, instrumentation, aviation, ships, docks, construction, food, transportation, heating pipe industry, has for PetroChina, Sinopec, Chinese Ordnance Corporation, salt group and other hundreds of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, to provide quality, various types of compensator the metal hose, the products have been exported to Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Our company is "Jiangsu province high tech enterprise" first national quality supervision and inspection and Quarantine issued a "People's Republic of China special equipment manufacturing license", "China pipe top ten famous brand", "China famous brand", "Jiangsu province quality trustworthy unit", "measuring qualification certificate", "one hundred excellent growth type enterprise" and "advanced enterprise management units" and other awards, through the "ISO9001:2000 quality system certification". Obtain "certificate", hi tech products in 2007, the State Intellectual Property Office authorized more than thirty "patent", and won the approval of "China petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry association expansion joint branch member unit", "China urban heating Association member unit", "China City Gas Association member unit" "Chinese motor Engineering Institute of thermoelectric Specialized Committee member unit", "national energy and water treatment engineering manufacturing Council certificate