The embodiment of sleeve compensator is better than other compensator

Recently, many netizens have left a message for us, asking the question: what are the advantages of the sleeve compensator? Today, my company gave the answer to this question, the following is my company sorted out the answer:

The sleeve compensator, also known as tubular expansion joint and pipe expander, is a compensating device for hot fluid pipelines. It is mainly used for the auxiliary installation of straight line pipes. The utility model is suitable for the hot water, the steam, the grease medium and the sliding movement of the outer sleeve through the sliding sleeve, so as to achieve the compensation of the thermal expansion.

The sleeve compensator is composed of an outer cylinder and an inner cylinder, wherein the flange plate of the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder is provided with a finite position rod, and the inner wall of the outer cylinder is provided with a finite block, wherein the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder are sealed by a V rubber ring. The utility model thoroughly solves the defects of large friction, easy leakage, difficult processing and easy pulling out of the existing telescopic filler, and has the advantages of reliable sealing, small frictional force, small volume, light weight, and anti pulling out, etc..

The reason is widespread in the industry, the main advantages are as follows:

1 、 the sleeve compensator has a long service life, and the fatigue life is quite the same as that of the pipe. The sliding surface is specially treated and has good corrosion resistance in brine, salt solution, etc., and is more than 50 times higher than austenitic stainless steel. At the same time, after years of wear caused the sealing effect can be weakened, the fastening flange and the sealing performance is enhanced, the bolt can be loosened, remove the ring, and then put into one or two layers of sealing ring, pressing pressure ring, continue to use.

2, the sleeve compensator does not require chlorine ion content, especially suitable for medium or surrounding environment on the system of excessive chlorine ion.

3, unidirectional and bidirectional type sleeve compensator type compensation structure, two-way type is medium from the end where no matter compensator flows, both ends of the sliding sleeve compensator is always free to slide, achieve two-way compensation, increase the amount of compensation.

4 、 the directly buried type sleeve compensator can be buried directly in the ground, and the maintenance well can not be installed when the utility model is installed, and the construction cost is low.

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