Technical specifications of spherical compensator

Recently, many netizens have left a message for us, asking the question: what are the main technical specifications of the spherical compensator? Today, my company gave the answer to this question, the following is my company sorted out the answer:

Spherical compensator (also known as spherical joints), mainly rely on the angular displacement of the ball to absorb or compensate for one of the pipes

The spherical compensator shall be used in pairs, and the single spherical compensator has no compensating capability and can be used as a universal joint of the pipeline. The spherical compensator has the advantages of large compensation, no blind plate force, small force on the fixed pipe frame, and the spherical compensator adopts a combined injection sealing technique to realize long-term reliable sealing.

Spherical compensator working principle is through ball rotation and the formation of a couple of twists and turns and arm, to force equal in opposite directions, around the Z axis, the expansion rate of absorption line on both sides of the couple. When the spherical compensator is arranged in the two fixed support center, the pipe running at both ends of expansion and the same expansion thrust, this is the couple around the center to rotate a certain angle, in order to achieve the absorption at both ends of equal size relative to the direction of expansion. When the layout is in spherical compensator two fixed support center, at run time a couple around the center biased to absorb the ends of unequal size relative to the direction of expansion is relatively short.

Main technical specifications of spherical compensator

1. Spherical compensator working pressure: (1 ~ 4) MPa

2, spherical compensator working temperature: less than or equal to 350 DEG C / C = 500

3, spherical compensator nominal diameter: DN40-DN1200mm

4, the spherical compensator bending angle: less than or equal to 30 degrees (15 degrees)

5 、 spherical compensator working medium: steam, hot oil, hot water, etc..

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